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GPS control

Online Monitoring

Devices are monitored in real time from a computer or mobile phone. For this you do not need to install special programs on either the organization’s server or the desktop computer, it is enough & nbsp; Access the WEB interface through the browser using a login and password.

Determine the exact location according to GPS.

Satellite navigation signals ensure accurate location, speed and direction of movement. Up-to-date and accurate information allows you to monitor devices online and view detailed movement history.

Current information

In addition to the traffic settings, it is also possible to view various current information in real time, such as: sensor data, mileage, activity time, who is driving the car. The above & nbsp; Show & nbsp; information & nbsp; Adjusted to your needs .

Detailed Maps

Monitoring System & nbsp; GPS & nbsp; Control offers the largest selection of maps. All maps are licensed; You can use the maps at no extra charge.

Detailed details before building

The system offers 12 maps with streets and images from satellites, which provides ideal cartographic coverage both in Georgia and anywhere in the world. Switches maps with the mouse & nbsp; With one click. If the selected map did not provide the required detail, you will definitely find the information you are looking for when choosing another map.


Reasonable Search automatically displays the address you are looking for on the map. In case the address information is not complete, the system will offer you some of the most approximate options.


location address is also indicated in alerts, messages, and analytics reports, allowing you to easily identify where the event occurred, where the route started, and where it ended. Except for the address, all of the above information is accompanied by exact geographical coordinates.

History of Routes

The monitoring system keeps a detailed history of the movement of the devices for 6 months. At any time you can see the movement of the device on the map. It also states:

  • Start, stop and end address, date and time;
  • Device data transmission address, date and time;
  • Total duration and distance;
  • Average and maximum speed;
  • Fuel consumption;

Alarms & Messages

GPS Control & nbsp; enables & nbsp; Monitor a wide range of events Flexible & nbsp; Via a control system based on the location recorded by the devices and pre-set & nbsp; For violation of the terms. By & nbsp; Relevant conditions are determined in advance, in terms of a specific device.

Our new alarm system consists of 15 alarm types, the number of which will increase in the future:

  1. Digital IO
  2. Arrival / Departure of Object
  3. Entry / Exit Zone
  4. Stop Object
  5. Stop Zone
  6. Speeding in the zone
  7. Stopping the car
  8. Speeding
  9. Standing with the engine running
  10. Turning off the engine
  11. Button alarm
  12. Temperature alarm
  13. Vehicle movement
  14. Parking near the object
  15. Zone parking

Analytical Data

GPS Control & nbsp; monitoring system allows you to thoroughly analyze information about & nbsp; fleet usage and cargo shipments, to evaluate staff performance. For this, the monitoring system processes the telemetric and navigation information received from the trackers and displays it in the form of various types of reports and graphic diagrams.


Reports are divided into functional groups according to their main areas of application, which makes it easier to & nbsp; find the information you want. The following reports are most commonly used in daily activities:

  • Routes – Summary data by device or day. The report reflects the working time as well as the vehicle operation data such as driving time, motor hours, distance, fuel consumption and speed. Reporting is possible & nbsp; According to pre-scheduled work periods, the use of additional filters allows you to view the required information by specific days and geozones. , Also with reference to spent fuel. By clicking on the report record, you can see the route map. Separate first stop and stop reports are provided.
  • Alarm-registered alarm report, both detailed and summary.
  • Services – System-registered service performance report Status report.
  • Fuel Report – & nbsp; Compare the pre-written fuel limit for the device and the amount of fuel actually consumed.



In addition to reports, you can view through graphical images & nbsp; See the condition of the fleet from different angles, for example, the cars that have received the most alarms or the facilities that your cars go to most often. Also interesting is the mileage of cars, spent fuel and standing with a clogged engine & nbsp; Summary information about the day.

Monitoring from smartphones

GPS Control & nbsp; lets you control your car fleet even if you are not at your desktop computer. A mobile application has been developed for such cases, which is available & nbsp; Both Google Play and & nbsp; On the App Store & nbsp;

Through the mobile app you will be able to:

  • Locate the device in real time;
  • View migration history;
  • Receive pre-configured notifications / alerts in the system;
  • Generate key reports;
  • You will see an overview

Vehicle control (countermeasures)

Offer a device that allows you to control your vehicle, as well as detect whether your vehicle is controlled by similar devices.

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