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Safety Auditing

Systematic and independent auditing helps you evaluate your workplace health and safety system and test its’ effectiveness against known standards. through undertaking auditing on a regular basis organisations will improve their health and safety management systems. While many organisations undertake their own internal audits, it is beneficial to use a third party independent auditor like Private Detective to verify a programs veracity.

Safety Auditing can provide many outcomes according to specific client requirements. Safety management system audits provide confirmation and verification of the effectiveness of a safety management system, identify corrective actions and demonstrate to stakeholders that the system is being implemented and monitored. Whereas product safety audits evaluate a specific product, its’ manufacturing process and its’ application in the hands of the end user.

Private Detective  performs a range of independent safety auditing for businesses. We have a range of safety auditing methods according to client requirements. These include:

  • Private Detective compliance audit frameworks;
  • Regulatory audits (addressing specific regulatory requirements)
  • Client audit frameworks;
  • ISO or Australian Standard Audits – complying with specific standard requirements;
  • Safety management systems audits;
  • Walkthrough hazard identification inspection;
  • Corrective action audits – follow up on corrective safety actions implemented;
  • Product  safety audit/inspection.

We provide clients with a comprehensive audit report on completion of the audit and a post-audit briefing to identify opportunities for immediate learnings from the audit (irrespective of the type of audit that we undertake). Additionally, we provide a range of images or references to support audit findings i.e. we specifically identify and reference the legislative or standard non-compliance.

Private Detective’s own compliance audit frameworks are industry specific documents that seek to address known industry hazards. Our frameworks include:

  • Agriculture;
  • Banking;
  • Construction;
  • Buildings;
  • Call Centre;
  • Childcare;
  • IT Developers/Gaming Developers;
  • Local Government (Range of tasks);
  • Manufacturing;
  • Mining;
  • Office;
  • Retail;
  • Schools;
  • Quarrying;
  • Warehousing and Logistics;
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